Skin n Hair- Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is a part of the Term of Service at Skin n Hair. Agreeing to the Terms of Service means you agree to the Privacy Policy as well.

Section 1: How your information is used and processed?

The personal and financial information collected from the users is only used for the processing of your orders and for providing a better user experience in future. This information is in no way used for any illegal or criminal motives.

When you use the website, your IP address is automatically obtained through which your browser settings are understood to provide the interface accordingly. In case of any violation of the Terms of Use at Skin n Hair, your information may be disclosed for the legal processing, as and when required.

Skin n Hair also sends periodic emails about the new products, updates in services and features, sales and promotions when you fill in your contact information. Users can opt to unsubscribe from these emails.

Section 2: Consent of the users

By using the services and features at Skin n Hair, the users give us the consent to use their data and information for providing an optimized user experience. Agreeing to the Privacy Policy also means that you are 18 years of age or above and you understand the products and services provided through this website.

In case of using your data for any purpose other than processing your order, the company will seek permission. Users are advised to read the pop-up messages if they see any.

In case you want to withdraw your consent, you can send in a request at the given contact details below.

Section 3: Third Party Services

The third parties included in providing the services will only collect and use the information necessary to provide the required service. However, some third parties involved, like payment processing banks or gateways may have their own separate Privacy Policy. Users are advised to go through the Privacy Policies and Terms of Service of these third parties involved.

When you click on links or ads that pop up during the use of the website, any information going to these sites will not be the responsibility of Skin n Hair. Any link clicked other than the Website will not be processed by Skin n Hair and thus the security cannot be guarantees in such cases.

Section 4: Payment

In case of online payments, your credit/debit card information is stored in encrypted form and is only stored for as long as your transaction is completed. Once your transaction is completed and the order has been processed, your financial information will no longer be held by the company. Skin n Hair deletes all kinds of financial information as soon as a transaction has been completed. However, if you choose to register and save your information for future use, you can opt to do so my explicitly giving your consent for it.

Section 5: Cookies

The site Skin n Hair saves cookies. Agreeing to the Privacy Policy implicitly gives your consent to save your cookies. Users can opt to restrict cookies from being saved. However, we encourage you to let the cookies be saved to enjoy a better user experience.

Section 6: Security

Skin n Hair uses all necessary precautionary measures to ensure the safety of users’ information obtained during the use of the website and its features. Best industry practices and modern techniques are utilized for encrypting and transmitting the information over the networks.

Section 7: Changes in Privacy Policy

The above mentioned Privacy Policy is subject to change and the company reserves the right to make changes to the policy with or without a prior notice to the users. Users are advised to go through the Privacy Policy after regular intervals to be informed of any changes or updates made to the Policy.

The policies written and displayed on the website are the most updated versions and any changes made will immediately be displayed on the website. In case of any future mergers or collaborations, users are advised to go through the Privacy Policies of the collaborating partners as well.

Section 8: Contact Details

In case of any queries or feedback, users can contact at the following contact details:


Address: Gulberg III, Lahore

Contact Number: +92 321 1846377